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The most comprehensive system for implementing and supporting person-centered learning.

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Core Value

We help prepare individuals to live and reach their greatest potential

Planning Process

My Full Life satisfies the person-centered planning rules of Medicare and aligns with Indicator 13 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Real-time Skills Inventory

An integrated customizable skills assessment and tracking system records an individual's strengths to collect base line data and dynamically capture their growth and progress.

Comprehensive Skills Curriculum

Over 800 unique resources in My Full Life including PDFs, interactive modules, videos, graphic organizers, visuals and experiential learning checks



Person-Centered Goals

The individual is at the center of My Full Life creating goals to achieve their hopes and dreams

150 Professional Lessons

Our dedicated curriculum writers have developed critical life skills lessons

Onsite and Virtual Coaching

Initial training, plus ongoing coaching from our education professionals

My Full Life- Lessons

Goal Tracking

Captures an individual’s progress and allows the opportunity for collective data

Flexible Design

Customization features let users augment and differentiate lessons and skills based on individual learning style

Over 800 Resources

My Full Life™ contains vetted resources including interactive activities, PDFs, and videos

Person centered has been the core of who we are for over 20 years.

Pricing Plans.

It is our goal to make this software accessible to anyone who needs it. Pricing is tiered based on the number of seats licensed, while training and future support can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.


Small Group Plan

  • 1-100 seats

Group Plan

  • 101-500 Seats

Large Group Plan

  • 501-1000 seats

Enterprise Plan

  • 1001+ seats

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